Organized, Managed, and Driven Improvement

The Automotive Services Industry is Broken

We’re on a Mission to Fix it

Omadi is at the forefront of creating real solutions by connecting the towing & automotive services industry through technology and partnerships. Choose your path to see how we’re helping solve your challenges. 


Data Driven Solutions

Behavioral analytics. Rules based intelligence. Two-way transparency. In our technologically driven world, your business needs to be smarter than ever. Your business generates thousands, even millions, of data points a day. Those data points leave a trail of exhaust data. At Omadi, we take that information and build Software Solutions to improve every layer of the automotive industry from enterprise Insurance Carriers to Towing Service Providers to Consumers. 




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The Challenge

We believe in the towing and automotive services industry. Ever since Omadi’s inception, we’ve sought to create products and services that help connect the fragmented market place. For decades, chaos has prevailed as a result of misaligned objectives between service providers, industry partners, and consumers. 

The Solution

We’re on a mission to build trust by connecting individuals and information. This drives us to develop powerful software solutions to connect the missing links and communication gaps—increasing efficiency and profits. This takes time, top talent, a lot of resources, and the right partners.

From apps to algorithms, we have the team to build and deploy the future. With decades of combined experience behind us and continual iterations ahead, Omadi will be a name to remember.

It’s not just about creating a towing management software or providing service jobs—it’s about both. By combining the two, we’ve created a better, alternate route. We are not interested in simply being a player in the industry—we are set on total domination.


The Road Ahead

We have a vision to be the preferred data engine that drives the automotive services industry. Our vision provides us a relentless focus to achieve what many view as impossible. Join us in our pursuit to make these solutions a reality. 



Our Culture

Driven by Perfection

We’re our biggest critics. We won’t stop until we’ve met the needs of our Clients and Partners. We embrace challenges. We believe in our solutions. We don't stop till the job is done—perfectly.

High-Tech, High-Touch

Automation is essential to the future, but so are people. We believe in a high-tech, high-touch culture where people play a critical role in closing communication gaps . It’s a delicate balance, but we are committed to being the best.

We seek to empower those we work with through self-service technology and step in where needed to provide support. When you call, you get a human—the way it should be.

Want to build the future?