5 Reasons to Make Tow Shows a Priority

It’s that time of year again: Trade Show season! There a dozens of regional and national Tow Trade Shows throughout the year, but should you take the precious time away from your busy schedule to make these shows a priority? We’ll leave that decision up to you. Here are some points to consider as you weigh the pros and cons of making the time and financial sacrifice.

  1. Make the Deals

    • Towing & Recovery Trade Shows are all about deal makin’. From trucks to lockout kits, these shows have just about everything a tow operator could hope to buy. Best of all, the vendors bringing these hard goods to the show sure as heck don’t want to leave with them. This gives you the opportunity to swing in and get the best rates possible. Plus, it’s always nice to compare products side-by-side and feel the quality differences and benefits for yourself.

    • You can save on much more than simply your hard goods as well. Often software companies (including Omadi :) will have show specials. At the very least, it’s much easier to have an in-person demo of software products than over the phone or screen share.

  2. Learn at Classes and/or Trainings

    • There are often on-site equipment trainings and classes that can make shows worthwhile as well. These events give you the opportunity to ask specific follow-up questions as well that you might have.

    • PRO TIP: All classes and trainings are not created equal. Be sure to put some feelers out as to which events will be most worth your time.

  3. Network with other Operators

    • We all know that towing is a competitive market. Egos can be as big as a 75-ton rotator, and things can get heated within a local market. Tow conventions bring together a wider audience so you’re not just rubbing shoulders with “Bob’s Towing” from down the street. Meet up with old friends. Make new ones. Go out to dinner. Have fun. This is a HUGE reason to come to the shows—the people. Learn from others, expand your network, and bring home real take-aways to implement in your business.

  4. Connect with Partners

    • The are several other people that are key to connect with at shows as well including motor club reps, marketing service providers, insurance companies, funding companies, associations, etc. It’s great to meet these companies in person and develop a face-to-face relationship.

  5. Step Away from Day-to-Day Tow Life

    • The #TowLife can be grueling. It certainly demands a lot of time and attention. This never ending cycle of on-call work wears on us physically and mentally. Taking a few days (or even just a day if you’re close enough to the event) can provide a much needed change in pace and open up your mind to new possibilities. Never discount the ROI (return on investment) of some much needed R&R (rest and relaxation).

Bonus: Team building

  • Shows are a great time for team building activities. Only have the budget to bring 1 or 2 team members? Turn the slot into an incentive program to push your employees to perform at their peek. Or hold a lottery for the open spot. Regardless of how you choose, it’s an opportunity to create some buzz with the work force.

What other things did we not consider? Are there any major cons that come to mind that would make you not want to attend a Tow Show? At Omadi, we love the shows and have been going to many through out the last 6+ years. We strive to bring unique offerings to the show to make it a worth while experience. At the very least, we like providing some entertainment with our good friend, Mad Maxx (an oversized RC car) with a full Omadi Network custom wrap. At Speeds up to 45 mph (only outside :) we find fun ways not only at the show, but getting to the show in style. We hope to see you at the upcoming shows the remainder of 2019!