Behind the Lens


For over a decade I’ve worked to hone my eye for viewing life “behind the lens.” Photography, and especially video, has always fascinated me. I knew from an early age that its role in the future of the world’s economy would be HUGE. No medium has the ability to have a greater effect on a consumer. It interacts with so many of our senses—sight, sound, emotion, and even the perception of smell—this guided perspective simply can’t be beaten.

At Omadi, I’ve worked to build an in-house team that specializes in capturing and telling relevant stories. Sure, we could endlessly make videos that show off our product, but overall we feel that would just become boring and self-serving. Instead, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and spent countless hours all over the country doing driver ride-alongs, sitting side-by-side with dispatch, and talking strategy with industry leaders.

Through it all, we’ve learned who the “tow operator” really is, what they stand for, and what will help them reach the next level in their operation. We’ve created everything from branded entertainment to content for causes important to us such as Slow Down, Move Over. Best of all, we’re only getting started.

Our goal, in a sense, is to personify and embody the tow operator through these stories. So let us know how we’re doing. Are we hitting the mark or completely missing? Better yet, do you think you have what it takes to be a “content candidate” for Omadi? Check out the next page and see “Why Morgan Towing?” to learn what it takes.


Why Morgan Towing?

I’ve been asked several times by people throughout the industry, “What’s so special about Morgan Towing? Why do you create so much content with them?” Even Morgan employees have asked, “Why us?”

While the answer is relatively simple, it’s composed of several parts: willingness and hospitality, location, vision, and compatibility. We love sharing our customer's stories and are always looking for more to share.


Nik Morgan has proven over and over again his willingness to help us get the content we need. In the towing industry time is money and Nik has allowed us to visit several times over the course of multiple weeks. We also appreciate his hospitality. On my last two visit’s, Nik insisted that I stay at his house and even provided me with food and a means of transportation. This kind of hospitality is simply above and beyond. It crosses the boundary of client/vendor relation into friends/family. This willingness and hospitality make for an easy partnership—one that we are excited to participate in.


Nik has a vision for Morgan’s Towing. When I first met Nik, had already proven that his business was on track to do great things. Morgan’s had around 30 pieces of equipment (including one of the largest operating fleets of Holmes 750’s) and several facilities around Muskogee, OK. Fast forward just a few years and he’s nearly doubled that. They’re newly housed on a 24-acre property (10 of which have been set aside for future expansion) with two, ten bay storage buildings and a large office building.  Nik was also able to see the vision of what working on these projects together could do for his business.


Location played a critical role in making Morgan’s an ideal “content candidate.” Muskogee’s population is under 40,000; not tiny, but certainly not significant. The roads are long and open with little traffic, especially on the side streets. We’ve used this to our advantage several times. With a simple call to the Sheriff, Nik has gotten the clearance to shut down a side road. The PD has even sent a patrol car out to help redirect traffic. We can’t even do in our hometown—believe me, we’ve tried! The ability to make a quick call and have complete freedom on the roadside to stage a scene has been incredible. It gave us the time and safety we needed to tell a story.


Morgan Towing and Omadi are also compatible on several levels. When I first met Nik, his business was entirely reliant on a paper process. His strength as a leader comes in the truck, not in technology. Despite his shortcomings in the technological front, he immediately saw and understood the vision to take his business to the next level. Within a relatively short period, Morgan’s was able to do a 180 and go from paper to paperless. Morgan’s ability to adapt and improve goes hand-in-hand with what we seek to do at Omadi. We strive for “kaizen,” the Japanese word for improvement. It’s the practice of making small, daily revisions to the process, which, over time have a significant overall impact.


These types of thought processes are not unique to Morgan’s. Many, if not all, of Omadi’s clients, possess a willingness and desire to change, to improve, and to grow their business. It’s this thinking that makes our clients so unique. It paves the way for collaboration, where all parties involved improve.

While Morgan’s has been an ideal candidate to be in the limelight, it’s about so much more than just their operation. Nik Morgan has become a personification of all tow operators. He, like many, has towing “in his blood.” How about you? Do you have what it takes to be an icon in the industry? Reach out to us at if you think you do.