Hold Fast to Your Dreams

Life has a way of trying to take your dreams from you. Hold onto your dreams and maintain the power of the passion that they instill in you.A young boy lived in a poor rural town. His family had limited means during the best of times as his father worked as a mechanic and went door to door and shop to shop. The boy was in and out of school depending on how much work he needed to do to help support the family.When he made it to high school, a teacher assigned the class to write an essay on what they wanted to be when they grew up. There was no hesitation in the boy, he wrote a lengthy essay on his desire to own a race team and was so enthusiastic that he drew up plans for the logo and the garage.Two days after turning in the essay, the boy was surprised to receive an “F” on the essay. When he approached the teacher about the grade, the teacher explained that he gave the boy an “F” because the idea of the boy owning a horse ranch was unrealistic based on the boy’s starting point. The teacher said that the boy could re-write the essay on a more realistic topic and turn the assignment back in.Dejected, the boy walked home. Over dinner, he asked his father what he should do. His father simply explained that the question was not his to answer, but that it may be the most important question of the boy’s life.The boy went to the teacher. “You can keep your “F”, I’ll keep my dream.”