How to Get Positive Recognition from Customers: Be Omadi's Provider of the Month

Omadi Network announces Todisco Towing (Boston, MA)  as it’s very first #ProvideroftheMonth.

Todisco Towing exhibits so many incredible qualities that it is no surprise they are Omadi's first #ProviderofTheMonth. They consistently deliver professional communication, go above and beyond, and provide reliable service. These three traits can help you be recognized positively by all of your customers and eventually get more business.

Professional Communication

Communication is essential to get positive reviews from customers. Here are three ways to make sure your communication is professional.

  1. Quick Response Time: Responding to phone calls and emails quickly let your clients know that they are significant to you.

  2. Notifying of Changes / Issues as they Arise: Communicating with customers and partners about expected arrival or delivery time (especially when it changes) will build trust and show that you respect their time.

  3. Be Well-Mannered over Phone & Email: Asking for the name of who you are speaking with, using proper grammar and punctuation, and just being well-mannered (whether over phone or email) builds rapport with your clients. Being well-mannered helps with client retention, increased business, and more referrals!

Go Above & Beyond

Exceptional providers go above and beyond by being part of the solution, instead of just notifying dispatch or the company you are working with of issues.

There are going to be problems that pop up with different pickup locations, towing different vehicles, etc. It is one thing to notify dispatch or the company of these issues—it is another to search for solutions and suggest them to the company. Being invested in creating solutions and not just bringing issues to light sets you apart and makes you someone that they will appreciate!

  1. Be Reliable

Being reliable means saying what you are going to do and sticking with it. If you can do this, you will build trust and keep clients

If it seems like your company embodies these three attributes reach out to us at! We are always looking for excellent providers to add to the Omadi Network (ON).

Check out this Q & A from Todisco Towing (See Below). Learning from other exceptional tow companies is an excellent way to stay on the top of your game!

Todisco Q &  A

What is the proudest moment or the biggest success you have felt while running the company?

“ The biggest success is achieving accomplishments like this. It is great to know that my team is doing their best and meeting client expectations.”

What is the craziest towing story you have experienced?

“We were once called to a clients business to tow a few vehicles that the workers were on strike! Let's just say they were not happy to see us! “

How do you maintain consistent call volume?

“Providing excellent customer service, always looking for new avenues of work that we can handle.”

How do you market your company?

“ Our trucks are our biggest advertisement, They are rolling billboards, Second is networking with clients and other towing operations.”