Relationships Will Always Trump any Towing Software

As a towing software company, the headline may seem a bit strange, but it's true. No matter how amazing any tow software is, it won't make up for poor relationships. Relationships require time and trust. While towing software obviously plays an important role in building a successful private property impound business, the number one piece of advice I would give to anyone starting a towing company would be to learn to develop lasting relationships.Before Omadi Mobile Management, I ran my own PPI company. Relationships were absolutely the main reason for the success I had in the towing industry.  You could tell within 2 minutes of discussion with a potential client whether they hated or loved their towing company and, thus, how likely they were to switch to you.  In my first area, one of my competitors had garnered so much loyalty that I eventually decided it best to find another city.  I learned a great deal from this competitor.  I learned how he cared for every property he serviced whether it was a large account worth a lot of money or a small account worth very little.  Everybody knew him personally and trusted him.  I was told story after story about how he helped them in a variety of ways, often having little to do with his towing company. I also came across several lousy companies that were easy competition.  There was one company in particular who rarely took care of clients.  They were bullies and would literally use scare tactics to try to keep their business.  They would yell and scream and threaten lawsuits if they lost a property to us (though they never acted on it).

It didn’t take me long to realize how much easier it was to take business from the company that did not treat their clients well.  I would drive around and look specifically for properties that were serviced by this company, as they were the “low-hanging fruit.”  If I came across a property that belonged to the “good company” I would often just move on to the next property because I knew the chance of getting the account was small.  What a great way to scare off competitors!

So, in short, may I change the adage from location, location, location to relationships, relationships, relationships.  Again, while tow software is an important cornerstone for a PPI business, relationships are the keystone; without solid relationships, the business will eventually fall. I believe that building relationships is the key to success in this industry and it is in many others.  I know that may sound very obvious but it is shockingly overlooked by some companies.  Best of luck to you in growing your business!To learn more tricks of the trade, check out our other blogs or contact us directly (or call 801-800-8250). We would love to hear about the challenges of your area to see how we can help.