The Omadi Story in Tow Professional Magazine

The following article appeared in Tow Professional Magazine Volume 5 Issue 1, 2016 pages 42-45:

If you’ve gone to a trade show lately you’ve probably seen the name Omadi but who are these guys? and what in the heck does Omadi mean?  Omadi is a cloud-based software platform dedicated to streamlining the many activities that go on at your towing business.  As far as the name, I don’t think anyone really knows but a quick google search found me this “The name of Omadi has given you good business ability and a high regard for proper standards of conduct.” 

Omadi’s revolutionary software platform began when an owner of a towing company searched for a software to help manage his business. Dissatisfied with the available options, he set out to develop his own custom software.  The development of Omadi’s software helped his business increase tows done each day and boosted revenue by 300%, from 400K to 1.2 million in the first year.

Omadi, was then founded in 2013 by Scott Petersen, CEO and Chris Oakeson, CTO.  Prior to co-founding Omadi, Petersen served as the managing director of the nationally ranked Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at Brigham Young University.  Before co-founding Omadi, Oakeson started building the Omadi software backbone with a forward-thinking approach to include complete customization, scalability, and a fast development pace.  In September of 2015, Petersen was able to attract Charles Lukens, who was working as CEO of APU Solutions (a software leader in the automotive parts industry and a company Petersen and Lukens co-founded), to join forces with him as Omadi’s president and COO.

Omadi’s towing software was built to help you take full control of your business and allows you to be more efficient by tracking, analyzing, and enhancing your workflow.  Omadi’s technology empowers dispatchers, supervisors, drivers, clients and even bookkeepers, to automate and streamline thousands of activities.  Omadi helps you keep your many trucks, drivers, dispatchers and company data, clean and organized.

Omadi’s cloud-based towing software is made on a fully configurable platform that can easily be modified to fit your business’s needs. This means that rather than conforming your business to your software, Omadi conforms to fit your business like a glove.

“We have been building our business over the last five years. We are 14 trucks strong and growing.  We tried a few different software programs and soon found out which ones were good, better, or best. Many are good but lack tech support; others were great but lack features or charge for every little feature, and others were simply smoke and mirrors.  Then, finally Omadi arrived! Really great software that you can tailor to your specific needs, and fast with tech support. Being cloud-based and smartphone user-friendly has made all the difference.”

-Tim Ward, Safari Towing

Omadi’s highly rated/reviewed app offers drag and drop dispatching, paperless reports, on-duty task assignments, photo management and GPS tracking of all app users.  Drivers using the app are able to email receipts/invoices directly to clients. The software provides visibility into the operations of distributed workforces with easy-to-use tools for the front line and detailed reporting to management. The platform is both iOS and Android compatible.

Omadi is focused on offering automation to the towing world.  For example, Omadi provides geofencing with every job.  When you send a driver to respond to a roadside assistance or PD call, Omadi automatically time stamps his arrival and then updates his status on the dispatch screen,  eliminating the driver’s need to do this manually.  This also helps reduce phone calls placed to drivers to follow up on job statuses.

In just a few years, Omadi already has hundreds of customers that have benefited from their game changing software.  Lazarus Oilfield who provides freight services began searching for a software that would allow them to cut costs.  “We demo'd around 15 software suites and found Omadi to be the best option.  The ease of use, integration, and simplification from driver tracking to final invoicing has made Omadi worth its weight in oil!,” said Albert McGarity, COO at Lazarus Oilfield.

“The mobile app allows our drivers to fill in only needed information, while our dispatch team enters the rest. This cuts down on human error and the problem of sloppy handwriting or lost tickets. The time we used to spend on these redundant tasks allows us to better plan our  logistics and save money on fuel and minimize minor errors that typically add up to thousands of dollars. Omadi has allowed us to cut costs by around 30%,” said McGarity.  Omadi’s mobile app helped ASAP towing of Jacksonville Florida to streamline their processes so well that they were able to increase their market share by 25%.

Omadi’s rapid growth has also been recognized in the business world with several prestigious awards in 2015.  The company was ranked by The Utah  Valley Entrepreneurial Forum’s “Top 25 under 5 (years)”.  The MountainWest Capital Network recognized Omadi as one of fifteen “Emerging Elite” companies for 2015 at its annual event  honoring Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies.  Omadi was also awarded the top honor for telematics at the Connected World conference.

To date Omadi has raised over $6 Million in funding.  In May 2015, Peak Ventures invested $700,000 during a Series Seed Round investment in Omadi.  In December 2015, Omadi announced Series A funding of $5 Million led by Pelion Venture Partners with participation from Peak Ventures, Kickstart Seedfund, Tall Wave Capital, Service Provider Capital, and additional investors.

Thanks to Omadi’s early clients and investors they have grown from a small startup to an industry leader. Their recent funding will help them continue to establish themselves as a leader of innovative software solutions and bring important benefits to you.  As Omadi moves forward, you can expect several new features and enhancements.

They have invested heavily in adding to their talented software development team and the team has established "new development sprints." During these bi-weekly sprints, Omadi will establish the highest IT priorities, based on your feedback.  This means updates will be more frequent and will include powerful enhancements and additional functionalities.

Omadi is also adding to their implementation and training teams to ensure you have the necessary support to learn how to effectively use all of their current and future tools.  Omadi provides employee specific training going as far as calling your drivers while on duty to help them learn the app. They have also developed new procedures to make on-boarding for new customers as simple as possible.

Omadi has improved their customer service system to provide speedy response times. If they ever let you down, you can even call their CEO and Co-founder directly and he will make certain they achieve their mandate of exceeding your expectations. 

The future looks bright for Omadi and they are dedicated to bringing forth products and services that strengthen and improve your business.  Omadi works to help your business be more flexible, provide greater accountability, give more transparent service, and become more efficient than ever before.  Imagine what Omadi’s configurable software could do for your business.