You’ve been towing for decades and you’re busy running your towing business, and you’ve gotten it down to an art. You’re successful, you're making a profit and you’re providing an excellent service for your customers. You’ve grown your business step-by-step but now it often feels like your business is running you. You’re tired and exhausted. It’s true what they say “Hookin ain’t easy,” and there never seems to be enough time. You love the tow life but sometimes you wish there was a better way to manage the 24/7/365 grind of it all.

As your operation has continued to grow, the stress, the grind, and the paper trail have as well. There are many steps required to get each job done right and it’s not easy to manage it all. The paper overload can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are issues with lost tow tickets and it’s been causing problems with getting paid.

If you’ve struggled with the stress of managing your operation, you’re not alone. Towing is a lifestyle, it’s a calling and we all need help managing its hectic pace. The good news is there is help, with the advancement of technologies you can finally have your cake and eat it too. You can have the tow life that you’ve always wanted while having more time for your personal life as well.

If you’re like most towing owners, you want to make more profit and be more efficient without changing your processes. You want to have full control of your business while continuing to grow it. Imagine knowing where all of your trucks are, knowing the status of each job anytime you wanted to. You would be able to give better ETA’s to motor clubs and customers. You could save on fuel, time and insurance.

Imagine your dispatchers looking at a screen and instantly knowing what driver is the closest to the next call and what their current job status is. Being able to be anywhere and still being in the loop of your day to day business. Creating invoices instantly in the field and having access to all of your records at your fingertips. Being able to adapt to ever-changing laws and regulations on the fly.

The towing companies that dominate their regions know exactly how much each past job has cost and they use that info to their advantage. Imagine having the info you need to make educated decisions about whether you should take a job or not. You could use data for job costs by breaking down revenue, maintenance, fuel usage and payroll costs. You could see what revenue a truck is making per day and per hour. The good news is you don’t have to just imagine it or dream about it anymore, you can now do all of those things and more.

“I like using Omadi and TomTom because it cuts down on our fuel expense, we save when we use it. We can see who's closest to the calls to see who should take the call, tell when the PTO is engaged and it eliminates the chance of guys doing side work. It's easier than using paper and we don't have the paper mess anymore. Keeping track of contracts and everything is at my fingertips.”

The combined Omadi/TomTom Telematics fleet management solution allows tow owners/operators to do these very things. You can have access to the data you need to make smart business decisions and to be more efficient in real-time. “We are extremely happy with both Omadi and TomTom. We Love the real-time access to everything and being able to make dispatching decisions in seconds. Knowing what steps our drivers are on at any moment helps us to eliminate mistakes and audit tows as they are being done,” said Tim Beaty, Operations Manager at Western Towing. “It’s been hugely efficient for us as a large company. In California, we have a lot of laws and regulations and we have been able to automate them with Omadi. It automates things to the point to where it makes it difficult to make a mistake.”

For decades, tow operators have had to deal with data being unattainable. Now, you can have what you need at your fingertips. Between the Omadi Towing Management platform and TomTom’s GPS tracking capabilities, you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. With TomTom, tow companies gain access to a variety of powerful features including PTO and ignition tracking, location and patrol history, and driver behavior metrics. By leveraging real-time vehicle location from WEBFLEET, Omadi allows tow companies to see where their drivers are to respond to a call the most efficiently.

“NO MORE TOW TICKETS… this is the greatest feeling ever, to be able to climb in any truck at any time and you are 100% prepared. Not only do you have your tow ticket and camera with you at all times you also have the entire filing cabinet with any piece of info you may need at your fingertips.”

Omadi and TomTom are helping towing companies to take full control of their business and giving tow owners/operators their lives back. “Its helped to increase the value of my business and life. For the first time in 20 years, I've been able to see the whole picture of my company in one place,” said Michael Deloach, CEO at Bexar Towing. “The software has helped me streamline most everything in my business. My costs have gone down substantially and efficiency has increased. I had been waiting a long time for someone to introduce technology into the towing business and they finally did it.” It’s never too late to start living the tow life you’ve always wanted, so act now and start living your towing dream today.

"We have been on Omadi for nearly one year now. We went paperless & it has made our dispatching so much more efficient. Wish we would have done this years ago."

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