TRAA Unveils all-new Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program

At Omadi, we believe in the power of education. Knowledge is a powerful tool that becomes almost a second language; it speeds up communication time, helps to focus teams focus on priorities, and diversifies your current opinions. We are in full support on continuing education in the Towing Industry. 

The TRAA (Towing & Recovery Association of America) has recently announced an all-new training called the Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program™. The program is for anyone within the industry from brand new hires to seasoned professionals looking to upgrade their credentials.

  • Dispatchers

  • Office managers

  • Company safety managers

  • Compliance directors

  • Non-operator company owners

  • General administrative staff

Here's what TRAA had to say about the new program:

This innovative certification program is designed specifically for professionals that aid in incident clearance but are not themselves towing operators; the first program of its kind! Dispatchers, office managers, and administrative staff have a vital role to play in safe incident clearance.

Developed with the encouragement and grant funding of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program™ (TRSCP™) aims to inform, evaluate, and set the standard for professionals working in this important capacity. The TRSCP™ covers a wide variety of content from customer service, on-scene and off-scene considerations, traffic incident management, post-incident activities, and more. Participants review a written study guide before taking an exam objectively evaluating their content knowledge.

The program isn't just open to operators either. It's open to anyone within the incident management field: towing, fire, EMS, DOT, and law enforcement.

There are some basic requirements for the program. For the Entry Level, interested participants will need to complete the National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder training (or FHWA deemed equivalent) prior to registration.

The Advanced Level course requires completion of both the TRSCP™ Entry Level certification and National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder training (or FHWA deemed equivalent) prior to registration.

Keeping up to date on industry education and certifications is crucial for staying current. These trainings will help to get team members up-to-speed or refine your longtime employees. They will also help to be an additional barrier of safety to your entire workforce while working the white line.