Organized, Managed, and Driven Improvement

 The Omadi Network Powers Our Network Services

Omadi is more than just a TMS (Towing Management Software). We offer not just the operating system, but the inputs (jobs) to drive your business.


We Hook You Up

We find matches between Towing Service Providers and Industry Partners. ISPs (Individual Service Providers) want work. Partners have jobs. We make connections, Industry Partners get their work completed and Towing Service Providers get paid. That’s what the Omadi Network is all about. In a world saturated with SaaS, we believe in SvvS—Service to a vehicle and vehicles to a Service.  


 Creating Connections & Bridging Barriers

The Omadi Network (ON) was created out of a need to fill supply and demand gaps in the industry. We are connecting service providers looking for more work to partners that need work done all while focusing on creating long-term relationships. Since its launch in 2018, the Omadi Network has a nationwide reach and the ability to complete any event from roadside service to heavy recovery.

Empowering Providers

ON is the culmination of everything we’ve learned over the past 5 years in the industry. Motor clubs are dated. Paper processes are passed. The need for a connected network has never been greater, and that’s why we’ve created the ON.


How it Works


Towing Service Providers

If you’re a towing operation looking for work, complete our qualification form. Once activated in the Omadi Network, you’ll be set to receive jobs. We’re your partner in facilitating an additional revenue stream for your business. Check out our ON FAQ’s below for more info.

Industry Partners

Do you have a consistent volume of work that needs to be completed? We specialize in fulfilling roadside, transport, general tows, salvage, and more. Let us connect you with our network of service providers. We offer competitive pricing and exceptional service.



A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

Policyholders will receive service faster. They’ll be happier with the seamless service which will increase loyalty, retention, and positive reviews. Tow ISPs have access to an additional revenue stream. Salvage, Shop, Adjusters, & Auto Insurance companies boost their bottom-line through streamlined, headache-free processes.


Power to the Policyholders

We all know how important Policyholder satisfaction is. It’s something that we keep top of mind as we build out our processes and Software Solutions for Omadi Network services. Have towing or transport jobs that need fulfillment? Or are you a towing provider looking for more work? Let the Omadi Network help connect you. 


Omadi Network FAQ 

Have questions? Here are some answers. If you’re still looking for some more info, contact our ON Team directly at 801-800-8250 (press 2) or by email at

Why should I join ON?

The Omadi Network (ON) connects towing and roadside operations with a network of jobs they wouldn’t get otherwise throughout the United States.

How do I get started with ON?

Visit and complete the “Let’s Get Started” form. You will then be prompted to fill out a survey that helps us better understand your company (location, types of services you offer, etc.) If you can’t see the survey or didn’t have time to fill it out, you can find an email in your inbox with the details to finish getting you on the network.

Where do jobs come from?

Omadi partners with a very diverse set of companies. We have traditional insurance carriers, battery manufacturers, police departments, and we are always adding more partners to the network.

How do I receive jobs?

While some of the companies in our partner Network may have unique requirements, most of our jobs follow the dispatching process outlined below:

  • An Omadi dispatcher will give you a call to verify you want the job and your ETA.

  • The full job details will be dispatched via email and your ON portal.

How much work can I expect from Omadi Network?

Our goal is to provide a consistent stream of revenue to your business. Below are some of the variables that affect the volume of work.

  • Number of providers in your location

  • Number of companies in the Partner Network needing services in your area (constantly increasing)

  • Population of area

  • Regional weather

How do I get paid for completing a job?

We will process an electronic payment within a week of the job being logged. No Invoicing = No Hassle. You can see the payment status at any time by logging into your ON portal.