TMS Release Notes - 10.08.19


  • Implemented warning in New Form UI for saving a node if you would overwrite more recent changes (more recent than when the node was originally loaded into the browser)

  • Added Oklahoma as an allowed state since it's supported by ADD123 now

  • Allowing DMV requests through the ADD123 integration for North Dakota and Pennsylvania

  • IAA integrated TMS customers will have data in the Bill To and the Default Pricing Fields when creating a job

  • ADD - DPO records can be manually updated with a button


  • ON Dispatch Client users now have a fixed ON Dispatch Client DB View Installer

  • Aged Receivables Report As-Of Date has been Fixed; but while the prices are right, the line items may not fully align

  • The Dispatch button should now appear normally

  • IAA Integration clients shouldn’t see any more duplicate jobs

Clint MeeksComment