Stride 2.0 Release Notes

Release 2.0 introduces a brand new version of Stride with increased speed, capacity, and features to take your dispatch and appraisal business to the next level.

New Features

  • Improved ways of assigning jobs

  • Enhanced map tools for quicker navigation

  • Group unassigned jobs to reduce data noise

  • Map view allows for easy-click zooming to unassigned or assigned jobs

  • Faster Global Search with predictive results as you type

  • Updated tables for better filtering

  • Optimized table pagination

  • New look-and-feel of tables

  • Improved advanced filters for ease of use when slicing & dicing

  • Unavailability improved to provide smarter route appointments

  • Simplified view for work hours and locations

  • Improved dispatch plan management

  • Upgraded Filter conditions to improve dispatch filter inputs

  • Rules and filters table allows for better toggling of priority rules

  • Simplified assignment updating to ensure work assignment changes are quicker, easier, and work off a cleaner interface

  • Added appraiser view to ensure field service reps can update their work to reflect seamlessly with Dispatcher menus

  • Enhancements for scalability

  • Upgraded Routing Engine to speed assignment processes

Fixed Bugs

  • Quantitative fields that should allow for answers of 0 do not default to 1.

  • Rules and filters table now scales appropriately.

  • Dates in assignments were not populating correctly after being created via API.

  • When switching between accounts in the same browser, the app was sometimes expecting to pick up where the last account left off in the menu.

Known Issues

Don Francis