Stride 2.1 Release Notes

The first Maintenance Release for Stride 2.0 is focused on feature optimization and bug fixes improve overall Dispatcher efficiency and reduce some UI confusion.

New Features

  • Updated titles for Total pending jobs scheduled on all days and Pending jobs scheduled for the selected day modals

  • Removed Completed items from Total pending jobs scheduled on all days and Pending jobs scheduled for the selected day modals; counts unchanged

  • Improved Workzones visibility in filters and job cards

  • Updated Assign Service Date and Calendar UI in the Actions Menu

  • Address field on Job Edit page will only appear if there is a separate address provided for client information (i.e.: when it is different from the Vehicle Details section)

  • Job details are auto-saved when an assignment is made from the edit job page (so that changes are not lost)

  • Updated job list modals in the schedule view to only show pending jobs

  • Improved experience with Assign Service Date from the bulk actions button and context menu

  • Footer now displays version information and links to the Release Notes

  • Re-selecting the same service date in the job-list popup (previously the schedule view would go blank)

  • Prevent pressing the Save button multiple times by disabling it while the save is being performed

  • Style improvements to the actions seen during drag and drop of a job from the job-list

  • Style improvements to the mobile appraiser view when showing a long claim number

  • When making changes to Edit Job details, we allow you to have no value in the Contact Status

  • When editing or creating filter input values for a Dispatch Plan, we ensure those values can only be numbers

  • When creating a new Dispatch Plan, we updated saving rules to allow you to run a newly created dispatch plan, while still on the Edit screen

  • Updated error handling for duplicate user names

  • New rules to prevent Read-Only Users from running Dispatch Plans

  • Updated List View to make only the left-most column clickable so you can copy any text out of the other fields

  • When downloading the CSV from the List View, you can see Workzones in the report

Fixed Bugs

  • Claim numbers were being truncated in Job List

  • Filters were not working in all columns in the List View

  • Search field was not clearing when Clear Filter link was clicked

  • Filter results did not always show matching results

  • Workzones were refusing to load in some scenarios and throwing errors

  • Extra columns were appearing in Dispatch run reports

  • Job selections would persist longer than intended in the job-list modal in the schedule view

  • Making an assignment to another appraiser didn’t work in the schedule view action button

  • API keys have been updated to better track Google Maps usage

  • 500 Errors were appearing when performing global searches

  • Intermittent reports of Dispatch Plans not respecting previously assigned pending jobs to Appraisers

  • After Chrome 76 introduced new rules that might force the app from showing correctly, we ensured you can see your work

  • Fixed an error that let low-level admins delete their own office

  • Fixed an error with the Load More Jobs link at the bottom of the unassigned jobs of the Jobs List

  • When an Admin drags an Appraiser into a group (within a resource tree), the appraiser will now be correctly assigned

  • When appraisers were reassigned outside the Edit Job page, the Edit Job page wasn’t displaying the latest assignee

  • Should now be able to click on an appraiser's badge and see the map zoom to that appraiser's area

Known Issues

  • Features do not exist to allow Global Search of appraiser or office assignments by name

  • Mobile Appraiser view does not support auto-zooming like on map view in Dispatch

  • When searching in resources, results are not automatically expanded to show menu location

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