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 Claims Dispatch Software for Insurance Carriers

At the end of the day, our customer is your customer. For the past several years, we’ve been working with top insurance carriers, adjusters, automotive repair data providers, total loss auction service companies and many other aggregators in the collision repair space to build a completely customized CDS (Claims Dispatch Software). With the Policyholder always top-of-mind, we have built-in tools to help get the right reps to the right vehicles asap.


  • Workflow management of office & field service reps

  • Automatic daily assignments of jobs to reps

  • Optimized route planning of reps based on certifications, schedule, and location

  • At-a-glance map of scheduled work and available reps

  • Drag-and-drop assignments to field service reps

  • Clear user interface of field rep schedules, including travel time, breaks, & overtime

  • Manage multiple, independent offices and territories

  • Permissions-based user management to ensure appropriate access to functionality

  • Manage assignments through inspection and field fulfillment workflows

  • Easy-to-create filters to sort assignments, work, and staff

Combat Tight Margins with Intelligent Routing

Route optimization isn’t new. Transportation companies have used software for years, but what we’re talking about is much more than optimizing for right hand turns. Omadi is optimizing Route Planning for Towing, Salvage, and Insurance companies. It’s built to benefit everyone from a one truck operation to an Insurance company sending out 1,000s of jobs to 100s of adjusters. 

More Than Just Crunching Addresses

Developing a robust route planning software is all about understanding the input constraints. For instance, a multi-car carrier wouldn’t want to load one vehicle only to have to remove it to load another. Our multi-stop route planner does not only take vehicle dimensions and condition into consideration. Additional priorities can be set around the employee ie. their schedule, qualification/certifications, starting point, break, travel radius, etc.

If that’s not enough to chug through, it’s only the surface of what our algorithm and interface take into consideration when computing complex routes. Bottom line is we’re here to protect your bottom line. Gone are the days of manually printing, sorting and dispatching job tickets can take hours. Inefficient route planning wastes your operation’s most valuable resources: time and money. Route planning is critical in maximizing your company’s service capacity. So why leave it to chance? 

Management Software for Service Pros

For Omadi, this is where it all began. Towing management software (TMS) is incredibly challenging to develop. Every state, county, and even city have their own unique laws and regulations. Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot—what to do, what not to do, and nearly everything in between.

We are excited about the future. We’ve been working tirelessly on our best products to date and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them.


Our Manifesto to the World 


Here’s what we’ve been up to…


No Syncing

Drivers will no longer be slowed down by syncing to their mobile device with the dispatch database. This speeds up the entire workflow and downtime with become a thing of the past.


Fast Upload Time

Tired of waiting on upload times? So are we. Photo management has been optimized for speed and reliability. Time, date, and location stamped and ready to protect your tow op from any potential legislative backfire.


User Focused Design

The app is more intuitive and innovative than ever before. Drivers have a focused view that hones in on only the essentials. Road tested and deliberately designed—best of all, this is just the beginning. 

Amateurs Compete. Pros Create.

We’ve always sought to bring cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We’ve never been shy about our pledge to take towing operations “paperless.” Many tow operations across the country were terrified about “going paperless.” Now, after having completed the process, they can’t ever imagine going back. What growth opportunities are you missing out on by not letting go of the past?

Just imagine—gone are the days of poor handwriting, lost paper tickets, and duplicate files. Taking your tow business paperless is just one of the many ways that we aim to be the professional leader in the towing software arena. Connect dispatch, drivers, and clients better than ever before with Omadi.


What this means for Industry Partners

Be “in the know” about where, what, and how the jobs you’ve assigned are being completed. Our software provides Body Shops, Police Departments, Insurance companies, Dealerships, and anyone requesting towing or roadside assistance the visibility that you’ve always wanted. We know the “devil is in the details” and are dedicated to making sure none of the details are left out by providing reports, invoicing, and tracking functionality right to your desktop.


Connecting the Towing & ERS Ecosystem 

There are many companies working segments of the Towing and Emergency Roadside Services industry. We’re working to connect every facet. From initial vehicle transport to roadside servicing to First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to auction to salvage. By connecting Industry Partners to our software platform and the ON’s Network Services, we’re closing the communication gaps. Partners are able to accelerate cycle time and attain higher throughput. Tow Ops are can focus on quality of service vs worrying about supply of work. Together, we’re making the industry better.


Software Solutions Pricing

We understand the rising costs of doing business—insurance, payroll, taxes—believe us, we feel it too. We aim to provide you with real value, well beyond your payment for our products. Give us a call (801-800-8250, press 1 for Sales) and we’ll go over the best options for your business, big or small.


Learn More About Our Software Solutions

We’d love to hop on a screen share demo and show you what our products are all about. We know how busy you are, so even 15 minutes will provide us an opportunity to find the best solutions for your needs.